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Financial Fact | Health Savings Accounts and Tax Advantages

November 17, 2015

Did you know a Health Savings Account is the only saving vehicle with a triple tax advantage? 


An HSA can offer the following tax advantages:

1) Contributions to a HSA account are tax deductible up to IRS deferral limits.

2) Any earnings or growth on funds invested in the HSA are deferred.

3) Withdrawals are tax free if the funds are used for qualified medical expenses!


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What’s Nick Reading | November 2015

November 10, 2015
There was an insightful article, “How Executives can Minimize the Retirement Tax Hit”, in the
Wall Street Journal this last Monday (11/02/15) about the retirement tax pitfalls into which many executives fall. Given that many oil and gas companies will continue layoffs, we believe thinking about retirement planning in regards to benefits distributions is extremely relevant.
Oftentimes, retirement has professionals grappling with emotional transitions of leaving their corporate life and beginning the next phase of their journey. They may be thinking of the longevity of their portfolio, but executives often forget to consider the short-term tax hits they could receive by not properly mapping out their cash flows from benefit payouts they receive in the early years following retirement. Income is often highest in the year of and immediately following retirement due to payouts from non-qualified plans, deferred compensation, stock options, vacation benefits, as well as numerous other benefits that have accrued over time. Without proper planning, these benefits could all be taxed at the maximum rates.
Ideally, executives should begin mapping out their benefit distributions a few years before retirement as many elections have to be made in advance. Spreading out their corporate benefit cash flows and/or offsetting distributions with deductions can have a significant impact on income taxes in the early retirement years. We often find that this is one of the areas where we add immense value to our clients and we hear that they wish they would have started planning earlier.
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Market Update | November 2015

November 5, 2015
The Markets  (as of market close October 30, 2015)
October proved to be a month filled with highs and lows in the equities markets. But in the end, all of the indexes listed here posted gains over their closing values in September. The Dow gained almost 8.5%–its largest monthly percentage gain in four years. The S&P 500 almost matched the Dow’s percentage increase by month’s end, gaining almost 160 points to finish the month up 8.30%. Of the indexes listed here, the tech-heavy Nasdaq recorded the largest monthly percentage increase, closing up 9.38%.
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