Who is Willis Johnson & Associates?

Willis Johnson & Associates is a wealth management firm that specializes in helping corporate professionals with their financial planning needs. Our thorough understanding of the transitions in their corporate lives allows us to appreciate where you have been and assist with where you are headed.

Why do I need an independent financial advisor?

The advice we provide our clients is based on what is right for the individual client. We are not required to meet sales metrics or to sell products dictated by a large corporation.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are primarily current and former corporate professionals and executives, ranging in age from 40 to 90, who allow us to craft a comprehensive financial plan and investment approach to help shape a better future for them and their families.


With our expertise in corporate benefits and comprehensive planning, we are best able to help individuals and families that have at least $1 million in investable assets.

Who is your staff?

Our diverse backgrounds, talents, and keen understanding of the ever-changing financial landscape allow us to help shape a better future for you and your family. We have a highly experienced team with advanced credentials including Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), a highly respected designation in the investment area, and Certified Financial Planners (CFP), a highly respected designation in the financial planning area.

Please explain Employee Benefits Expertise.

We are experts in assisting corporate professionals through the transitions in their corporate lives and beyond. Every day we meet with corporate executives who have complex company benefits that are difficult to understand. The majority of our clients do not read their company’s benefits book, but we do, and we understand how to take advantage of all that your company offers in the most tax efficient manner. Click Here to learn more about our Employee Benefits Expertise.

What do you mean by Financial Planning Insight?

Our clients come to us in various stages of their lives. As a result, we are continuously planning on their behalf. Often in life, you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s our job to proactively bring ideas to the table. So, whether it’s preparing for retirement, maximizing benefits plans, saving for college, or the next generation, we take the time to understand our clients’ current situations and guide them through life’s journey to help them reach their goals. Click Here to learn more about our Financial Planning Insight.

How important are the Emotional Elements of Life in this process?

We believe that the emotional elements of your life play a vital role in designing and implementing a thorough financial plan. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen and identify the motivating factors behind each of your goals. WJA’s mission is to counsel you and provide realistic solutions. Whether it’s caring for elderly parents or paying for college or a wedding, we are here to continuously plan and help make your dreams and needs a reality. Click Here to learn more about the Emotional Elements of Life.

What is your financial planning philosophy?

At Willis Johnson & Associates, we use a customized planning methodology, based on the various stages in the ARC of life, which enables us to carefully identify your passion and create a personalized roadmap that allows us to accompany you on your journey. Click Here to learn more about Our Planning Process.

How does your financial planning philosophy differ from others?

Regardless of your age, we guide you through a process that allows us to understand you, conduct a thorough financial analysis of your current situation, tailor a financial plan based on where you are headed, and implement that financial plan in such a way that allows us to accompany you on your journey.

What is your investment management philosophy?

We guide our clients through the process of transitioning from accumulating assets to repositioning those assets for retirement. Our goal is to hit your long-term objectives with an asset allocation that is appropriate for your journey.

How does your investment management philosophy differ from others?

At Willis Johnson & Associates, we use a Core-Satellite portfolio construction method alongside active rebalancing. This well-diversified fund investment approach, established by our Investment Committee, follows a very systematic process. Click Here to learn more about Our Investment Approach.

What is the minimum investment?

We work with investors with minimum liquid investable assets of $750,000 to start. However, under special circumstances, we will make an exception to our new client minimum account size.

What happens to the custody of my accounts and my investments?

Willis Johnson & Associates does not have legal custody of our clients’ accounts. WJA uses Fidelity as your custodian – your gatekeeper. These are your separate accounts held by Fidelity for safekeeping.

How often will you make changes to my portfolio?

Your account(s) will be traded only when our investment strategy dictates a change. Our fee structure minimizes conflicts of interest and puts us on the same side of the table as our clients. We do not get paid any commissions or transaction fees; therefore, we have no incentive to trade more than necessary.

How frequently do you review my investments and account?

We monitor all of our investments and portfolio models daily. On a weekly basis, we run screens on the accounts in our models to determine if any account is deviating and in need of review. At least once a month, each account is pulled and looked at individually. Our Investment Committee meets weekly to review changes in market, industry sector, and asset class conditions. If we find it appropriate to make a tactical change to your asset allocation model, then the change will be reflected in your portfolio.

Will I be consulted prior to making trades in my account?

You will want us to react quickly to changes in market conditions or other situations we may encounter. Limited power of attorney (discretionary management) is the authority you provide our firm, authorizing the custodian of your assets to accept our instructions regarding purchases and sales within your account. The custodian holding your account will immediately provide trade confirmations to you on every transaction we enter into on your behalf.


At our investment reviews, we break down the performance of your account – what trades we made and why we made them, as well as what our thoughts are going forward.

Can I review my account online?

Yes. We never take custody of our clients’ money. The funds are always held at a third-party site (like Fidelity). You can log online to see your account at the custodian’s website at any time.

How often will you meet with me?

Review meetings and communications occur regularly with each client. We recommend that we meet either semi-annually or annually depending on the complexity of your situation and your needs. We can always meet more often if needed. As we always say, “Our door is always open and we are just a phone call away.” We encourage open communication with each of our clients.

How often will I get account statements?

Your account(s) custodian sends you monthly statements and trade confirmations either by mail or e-mail.

How are your investment management fees calculated?

The fees for managed accounts range from 1% to .75%, depending on the account size. The only way we get paid for managing your investments is the management fee our clients pay us. We do this to put ourselves on the same side of the table as our clients – minimizing our conflicts of interest. For investment management accounts, we do not accept commissions, transactions fees, 12b-1 fees, or other forms of indirect compensation.


We charge a management fee based upon a percentage of the total value of the assets we manage. The fee, which is an annual percentage fee billed quarterly in advance, is based on the account value as provided by the custodian at quarter-end.

Am I locked in? Are there termination penalties?

There are no barriers to exit a relationship with Willis Johnson & Associates. The relationship is terminable upon five days written notice, at any time, and without any penalties. There are no forced liquidations, termination fees, back-end loads, redemption fees, or other charges associated with the termination of an advisory relationship with our firm.

*No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against a loss. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a nondiversified portfolio in any given market environment.
Investors should note that the deductions of fees will impact overall account returns.

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