Work with an Award-Winning Team

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Willis Johnson & Associates is a fiduciary firm that values doing right by the client above all else.

Do you love learning about the financial industry? Do you follow financial blogs, listen to industry podcasts, and attend as many conferences as you can? You’ve come to the right place! We value sharp, technically adept people who are endless in their pursuit of knowledge.

Qualities We’re Looking For


Be an engaged, active listener and a supportive guide to build a relationship while you provide customizable, comprehensive solutions.


Continuously innovating, growing and learning; staying on the cutting edge of your area of expertise.


Follow a set process, so clients and team members know what to expect.


Working together with your team members, trusting in their area of expertise, and willing to pitch in so everyone can thrive.


Take charge in communicating by actively anticipating needs, responding to all inquiries and requests in a manner that exceeds expectations.

We Offer:

Competitive Pay and Great Benefits

Competitive Pay and Great Benefits

  • We pay 100 percent of all employees’ medical, vision, long-term disability, and dental insurance premiums – including spouses and children.
  • We contribute $1,500 a year to HSA plans for individuals, $3,000 for families.
  • We make a three to six percent safe harbor contribution to every employee’s 401(k) depending on tenure, in addition to a supplementary four percent company contribution when yearly goals are reached.
  • We pay for $50,000 of life insurance on you so your loved ones are protected.
Team Focused

Team-Focused Environment and Cultural Values

We pride ourselves on our internal cultural values that create a positive environment focused on support and teamwork. We set time aside to do team activities such as potlucks at the office, happy hours, bowling and even 5K Runs.

Team and Individual Recognition

Team and Individual Recognition

At WJA, we recognize and celebrate both individual accomplishments as well as team achievements through programs such as the “T in Team” award, which is awarded to an outstanding team member every quarter. We also regularly hold lunches and happy hour outings to celebrate each other’s personal and professional achievements.

Professional Development and Continued Education

Professional Development and Continued Education

  • Registration and travel expenses covered for educational conferences and events
  • Reimbursement of study and exam expenses, along with additional paid time off study days and an added bonus upon the successful passing of professional exams (CFP®, CFA®, Series 65, etc.).

We value and attract people who love learning and knowledge. We have a number of CFP®s and CFA®s. We’re looking for sharp, technical people who love this stuff and will follow blogs, podcasts, conferences in their area of specialty. We want people who are constantly learning and want to stay at the top of their game.