2020 Election & The Markets

With such a long list of potential policy changes, it's important to be thinking about how you should save, invest, and plan for your best long-term outcome regardless of the election results. WJA President and Wealth Manager, Nick Johnson, CFA®, CFP®, dives into the potential financial implications of each party's proposed policies and how your financial planning should pivot to make the most of it.


Timing Your BP Retirement

Choosing the right date to retire from BP is complicated because of the multiple variables at play. Your circumstances are unique and can be affected based on the date you choose. Watch the replay as we take an in-depth look at how these benefits determine the best date to retire from BP.


Timing Your Chevron Retirement

As a Chevron employee, do you know the retirement date you choose can have a major effect on your retirement funds? After a long career at Chevron, picking a retirement date can actually be quite complicated. Let’s face it: if you’re not thinking about your employee benefits, taxes, and income distribution when selecting your Chevron […]


Stock Market Update Q3 2020

Amidst concerns surrounding COVID-19, uncertainty for investors continues to rise. Between interest rates falling, markets running and dipping, and oil futures temporarily going negative, the last few months have been nothing short of eventful for the US economy. This quarterly market update reflects on the current state of domestic and international markets and the projected outlook for the rest of 2020.


How to Start a Consulting Business

In this webinar, our experts discuss the major factors to consider before starting a consulting practice. Learn more about the tax opportunities and other factors to consider before venturing out on your own.


Webinar: The 3 Biggest Tax Mistakes High-Income Earners Make Every Year

As a corporate executive with a complex investment portfolio and diverse compensation package, you have unique factors to consider before filing your taxes. An incomplete or incorrect tax return could result in overpayment or penalties. If you’re a high-income earner, watch the webinar replay to learn how you can avoid the most common — and […]


How BP Employees Can Maximize Savings Using Their Retirement Benefits

BP offers employees generous retirement benefits. If you’re a BP employee, this webinar can help you make sure you’re saving efficiently and making the most of the retirement plans the company offers.


How Inefficient Savings Strategies Could Cost Shell Executives Thousands

It’s human nature to worry about unfamiliar things, and the “right amount of savings” is certainly a big unknown. If you’re a Shell employee concerned about your savings plan for retirement, this webinar will help you take full advantage of the savings opportunities through Shell’s robust retirement plans and benefit offerings.