Our Mission:

To help you reach your financial goals tomorrow by maximizing your financial decisions today.

Our Story

In the early ’90s, Willis Johnson worked at a large brokerage company and found that the big firms were pushing their advisors to sell products that lined their own pockets but weren’t necessarily in the clients’ best interest. He wanted to reverse that model, believing that if he provided high quality fiduciary service aligning the interest of the clients with that of the firm, both he and his clients would thrive.

In 1996, Willis Johnson & Associates opened its doors as an independent fiduciary advisor way before “fiduciary” became an industry buzzword. We started with 
less than $20 million in assets under management. Since then, we have grown to nearly $500 million in assets under management by offering something simple: professional, unbiased advice for the corporate executive and professional with 
their best interest in mind.

We’re proud to call Houston home, not only because we love this city, but because of the type of clients we get to work with. In a hard-working city like Houston, most people have earned their way to where they are. They understand the value of a dollar. They are honest, hard-working people, and they expect nothing less from us.

Come sit down with us today and let’s talk about your future.