Complimentary Consultation

We offer a complimentary consultation, during which we gather data and learn about you and your goals. At the end of the consultation, we provide a quote for a planning fee, based on your unique situation and what it will take to get you on track for success.


It All Starts with a Plan

Our services come in two tiers:

Financial Plan

At this level, we bring you through our one-on-one financial planning training course as we work together to develop a comprehensive roadmap for your future. We’ll walk you step by step through how to build a plan that puts you on track to meet your goals.

Financial Plan

Wealth Management

At this level, we serve as your personal financial guide to ensure you stay on track for success. We’ll work with you to build a financial roadmap, and then we’ll implement and monitor it for you, providing updates and suggesting changes when needed along the way.

Wealth Management

Our Fees

As a fee-only firm, our fee is based on your assets, but our value extends far beyond helping you manage your money.

Fee Schedule

Financial Plan
Comprehensive Financial Plan Starting at $6,000
Wealth Management
Household Assets Under Management Annual Fee as % of Assets
Up to $750,000* 1.15%
$750,000.01 to $2,500,000 0.85%
$2,500,000.01 to $5,000,000 0.65%
$5,000,000.01 and up 0.40%
Fees are calculated through a weighted formula using the assets under management (AUM) ranges listed above. Clients whose AUM’s are within multiple ranges will be charged no more than 1.15% of their total AUM with the exception of clients under $750,000 who will be billed a minimum fee of $2,156 per quarter. Clients who began engagement with the firm prior to 2018 may be grandfathered into a previous fee schedule.

Fee Calculator

Investible Assets
= 0.89%
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