Financial Planning for Houston's Corporate Professionals

If you’re anything like the typical corporate executive, you probably have questions about your benefits and wonder if you could be doing more with them. We’re here to help you understand each offering, maximize the elections available to you, and coordinate with the rest of your financial plan.

Company Stock

  • Restricted Stock
  • Restricted Stock Units
  • Performance Shares
  • Stock Options, both ISO and NQSO

Employee Stock Purchase Plans

Company Insurance Options

We can help you understand each insurance option and decide on a plan that works best for you.

  • Group Life vs Term
  • Group Disability

Active Management Inside Your 401(k)

Did you know we can actively manage the funds in your 401(k)? No more “set it and forget it.” No more complex workarounds to adjust your funds.

Through Fidelity Brokeragelink® accounts, you’ll gain access to additional funds and our expertise to help guide and actively manage your investments in coordination with your non-company, or outside workplace assets.

Job Insecurity

Uncertainty is a part of life, and it can be particularly painful in the areas of your career and finances. If you are offered a layoff or voluntary severance package, we can help determine if retirement is a viable option or if you should keep working, and we’ll help you understand the most critical decisions about company benefits elections.

Is your future employment unclear? Or are you wondering how an untimely layoff could impact your broader financial picture? We will work with you to evaluate your goals, educate you on your current financial situation, and help determine how to optimize your financial outlook.

Being Recruited?

Being recruited to a new company is an exciting opportunity, but how can you know if it’s the right move – for your wallet and your health? We can help you map out the difference in value between your current job and the one you are being offered. Often times, it is hard to directly compare the value of two compensation packages. Whether you decided to take the job or not, we’ll help you optimize your elections from your current job as well as at your new company.


Retirement is a one-time thing for most people. If you’ve never been there before, it can be an intimidating prospect. It is as much of a financial transition as it is a personal, emotional transition. We understand what you are going through. We will walk you through your retirement wealth plan and ensure all elections are handled correctly so you avoid losing any benefits and minimize taxes.

We can help you make informed decisions about your 401(k), company stock plans, pensions, deferred compensation plan, excess benefit plans and other employer-sponsored retirement plans, including how the timing of your retirement impacts these plans. We can educate you on best practices for additional tax-preferential saving strategies including 401(k) after-tax contributions and backdoor Roth IRA contributions.


We can help you understand sources of contribution, including after tax contribution, and how to get the most of employer match without spillover into Excess Benefit Plans.

Excess Benefit Plan

  • Deferred compensation payouts and election


Setting Up Your Consulting Practice

Upon retirement, many of our clients choose to continue working in a consultant role. If you plan to work as a consultant, we can help you understand how to structure your finances and retirement to fit your new role.

  • Liability Protection for LLCs
  • Tax Deferral Strategies for Solo 401(k), Sep IRA and Solo Pension Plans
  • Negotiating compensation with an understanding of how consultants get taxed (1099) over W2 employees

When Should I Retire?

When you decide to retire can have a significant impact on your retirement income. Sometimes this means waiting a few weeks or retiring just a month earlier.

By projecting current interest rates, we can determine your tax-efficient retirement date – optimizing your retirement income.

Our WJA Executive and Professional Advisor Specialists

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Why Willis Johnson & Associates?

Since 1996 we’ve been helping Shell executives and professionals with their comprehensive financial planning needs. Our thorough understanding of the transitions in your corporate life allows us to appreciate where you have been and assist with where you are headed.